Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ode to Irving Klaw (what the shibari is going on??)

 Recently was asked to do some pinups for an internet magazine that deals with bondage and style in the ways of Irving Klaw (think Bettie Page) The sketches are a bit more risque than I'm used to but with all of my recent life drawing studies that I've been doing, I really enjoyed getting into the project. I did a couple sketches before working up one of them, and I'm still progressing with some more, but I wanted to show off a bit of what i've been doing, without the ugly black censored bars for facebook audiences. So here they are:


Friday, January 6, 2012

A quick teaser...

I realize that I don't have an abundant fan following on my blog, but i wanted to tease an image i'm working on that is FAR from completion to those of you who are frequent readers... Hopefully i can work this image up and have a more complete version to post soon!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New year resolutions...

a TON has happened since my last post, including the purchase of a new house equipped with a new art studio! I have been doing a lot although i havent been posting here as much as i'd like to, hopefully i can change that in the new year. I have signed up for a showcase table at Illuxcon V this year (that's where the attendees are able to display their work and the pros , along with other attendees walk around the showroom floor and give their feedback and admiration - or criticism.) In the coming year you can expect that i'll be doing a lot more posting here to keep any curious parties up to speed with my artmaking!
so here's 3 of the pieces i've done since i moved into my new house, as well as the finished ink sketch for my 4th! feedback is very welcome!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The methods of my mentors...

So although I desperately would like to say that I was able to finish a few of my unfinished work as mentioned in my last post, it just didn't happen (not yet anyway) Instead, I was pleased to find last week that was holding a sale on demonstration videos from some of my favorite artists. Upon downloading tutorials from both Dan Dos Santos, and Donato Giancola (both of whom I've met and are incredibly nice guys on top of their immense talents) I decided to try to delve into a traditional painting in the manner of their teaching. I must admit, I did not realize how much time goes into the preparation for a painting! From initial thumbnail sketches, to the 3 coats of gesso on illustration board, and then of course there is the transferring of your pencils to the now primed canvas. (at least using Dos Santos' method) after about 9 solid hours of work, i've finally got my pencils down on the canvas and will be able to get in with some colors. (just as soon as i spray it with some workable fixative)
Here's the painting i've decided to go with currently in process. At this point it's just a gray scale drawing, but it should make my painting efforts go much smoother. This will be only my second foray into the world of oil paints, and I'm really looking forward to getting started! Hopefully in a week or so I'll be able to show my continued effort on this project.
The piece is 20" x 30" and the image is one from my favorite book Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finishing the Unfinished.

I have noticed as of late that for every finished piece of art, I probably have 4 more that I've started and haven't touched in weeks, months, or sometimes even years. With this attempt to keep a weekly blog of my art-making, I thought perhaps these unfinished works could be a good source to delve into. I have attempted on multiple occasions to take part in the wonderful weekly contests that take place at but unfortunately with the dealings of a daily job that sucks my life away I'm rarely able to complete these works. So I've decided this week (with the friendly coercion of a fellow artist) that I would go back to one of my more finished pieces and work on it again. So here's my WIP from's CHOW (character of the week) contest a few months ago titled Amazon Warrior Queen.

Also I thought it would be nice to show my finished piece from last week's Blog. So here's the finished Thuvia of Mars piece as well.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

An artistic push...

I have decided recently, that although I have my own website, it would be nice to keep a blog of what i am doing between posts on my site. So here I'll be posting some ramblings and thoughts as I tumble through my creative processes.
I've recently come across a book recommended by amazing artist Darren Yeow called The War of Art Reading it has inspired me to make my thoughts and processes on my art a more daily occurance. So as of today, anyone interested in the thoughts that meander through my mind as I struggle to make my art my profession can come here and give me feedback.
Today is a day off for me from the daily grind of retail management and i have dubbed it Matt Art Day. My plan for the day is to finish one of my MANY unfinished paintings sitting around my house. First up is my work in progress of Thuvia: Maid of Mars (from the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel) If i can figure out how(since i'm new to Blogger) I'll post my WIP (work in progress)
So subscribe to my blog if your interested, and feel free to take part in criticism and conversation to push me forward in my artistic career!
Thanks Much!